GPS Trackers: A Must-Have for Cross-country Mountain Bikers to Greek Peak | Hope Lake Lodge, Indoor Waterpark & Conference Center

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GPS Trackers: A Must-Have for Cross-country Mountain Bikers to Greek Peak

GPS Trackers: A Must-Have for Cross-country Mountain Bikers to Greek Peak

GPS Trackers: A Must-Have for Cross-country Mountain Bikers to Greek Peak

It can be quite tricky to pack for a cross-country bike trip to Greek Peak... On the one hand, you can’t carry too many things because the extra weight and bulk will bog you down. On the other, you can’t pack too light either because you’ll need enough nourishment and gear to last you until you reach your next destination. Sure, you can enjoy a hearty meal at each stop, but it’s still a good idea to pack extra food and water for when you experience unexpected delays along the way.

Aside from the usual stuff, however, some cross-country bikers suggest adding GPS trackers to the list of things to carry. But do you really need them? Well, based on the benefits they bring to the table, it appears that everyone who rides such long distances does.


Recovering your bike in case of theft

Riding across America means you’ll be encountering a lot of exciting but unfamiliar places. The last thing you want is to lose your bike to a thief while resting or enjoying a hot meal at one of your stops. You’re lucky if this happens while you’re near a place like Greek Peak Mountain Resort where you have access to comfortable shelter, good food and even fun activities to do while waiting for a ride home. Regardless, it will still not only will it cut your trip short, but will also force you to prematurely spend money on a new bike. The good news is that you can prevent all this from happening by simply attaching a GPS tracker on your bike, making location and recovery in case of theft so much easier.


Getting out of tricky situations

In 2015 alone, there have been a total of 467,000 bike-related injuries according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Now, while these did not all happen to cross-country bikers, the question remains: what would happen if you get injured while riding along some far-flung road with bad cellular reception? Do you just wait for someone to pass by and help? Well, you could do that for sure.. A better alternative, however, would be to let family and friends know in advance your ETA at each stop and tell them to start looking for you if you don’t check in according to schedule—which, again, would be a lot easier if you have a GPS tracker installed on your bike.


The bottom line: get a tracker

Considering how GPS trackers can help keep both you and your bike safe, getting one definitely is a no-brainer. As a bonus, they do all this without affecting your bike’s weight or functionality so they’re a perfectly hassle-free solution. They’re usually so discreet, in fact, that the only time you’ll know they’re there is when you need them.

Credit: freelance writer, Janette Strummer


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