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Waterfalls Spa at Hope Lake Lodge is a luxurious resort spa. All rooms are complete with personal vanity space and showers. Every detail of the spa was carefully planned to promote serenity, allow customization of services and provide a unique spa experience for ultimate stress reduction. Designed with your well-being in mind, Waterfalls Spa uses the principals of Feng Shui to ensure harmony, balance and a positive energy flow throughout the spa. The Waterfalls Spa’s natural products from around the world harmonize with the commitment from Hope Lake Lodge to be a “Green” property. Come and indulge your inner senses with the aroma and feel of pure essential oils, plants, clays and wild flower extracts.

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Waterfalls Spa is located in the main elevator lobby. Please ask our receptionist about our spa promotions as we offer fantastic specials throughout the seasons. Or, join the Waterfalls Wellness Membership Program and experience the benefits of spa treatments on a regular basis!

Our suites are complete with two of the finest multi-purpose tables available, a two person balneotherapy tub incorporating chromatherapy, shower and lounging area with a flat screen television for the ultimate spa experience. One of our suites also has a two person infrared sauna which is scientifically proven to detoxify the body, heal inflammation, aid in weight loss and strengthen the immune system. Our Vichy Room with cascading water has two private massage rooms on either side to incorporate many of the unique services available with your Vichy treatment. All treatment spaces have the ability to change color allowing complete customization and harmonization with each individual.

new york day spaSpecialty services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, teeth whitening and salon services are just what the “Bride to Be” or the “Man of the Hour” need. Call ahead for an appointment and let our spa specialist suggest individual treatments or packages that can be chosen directly from the menu of services.

For weddings, romantic weekend getaways or a girls day at the spa, you may wish to arrange for a private consultation. The spa manager and a licensed service provider will help you determine which services would be most beneficial for your group. At Waterfalls Spa you can also book increments of time in the spa suites.

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